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  I hear the voice of the Force…

Dozens of letters every day... And it's not just a text consisting of a set of characters.
Each of them - a confession, sometimes lifelong. Life without embellishment contained inconsistent, uneven handwriting from excitement. Almost every one of them - a cry for help.
But the cry often hidden, do not realized as a man entangled in his own problems is unable to adequately evaluate his situation to be able to try to analyze it,
uncoverto its deep essence , and as a result , to articulate the question.

Therefore to define the fundamental problem for him is extremely difficult - in the first place went minor and mostly irrelevant aspects. As a result, requests blurred or reduced to a restatement of the ills of life. I read these lines, see the root of the problem of man , and the answer I give in accordance with this vision. And because some of the questions posed by such a person, he sees important and global, remain unanswered.
Letters presented below are written by completely different way of thinking and life orientations people, and therefore have completely different personal history. But , nevertheless , there are points of contact - this thirst for knowledge of the mysterious , undeveloped , but clearly perceived aspects of our lives , often called the word " magic ." These people have what I call "hear the call of the Force." But just as much , and distinguishes. And first of all, the approach to the knowledge of the world around us.
And before you go directly to the answer to reviewers of selected letters I must once again reiterate the following . As I said, these authors share a sense of their involvement in the mysterious world of magic, feeling desire, the call of this world. What do you need to hear the voice of the Force ? Nothing! You just need to live. Power will call itself . Most importantly, to understand its language and act correctly . That's where runs a fine line between the real and the only apparent audible voice of force between the first step toward awareness and step to insanity . Teetering on the brink of this, people are at risk of losing mind. And I have repeatedly warned : "enlightenment " and " adoption of Power" to many "elected" comes already in the wards of psychiatric hospitals . Why is this happening and what you need for a proper understanding of the language of force and the correct method of its actions ? Work on your own strength , accumulating and perfecting it - Power sees and recognizes only the Power.

Question 42 . The answer to the person who saw the light , could speak openly about what he saw ...

Excerpt from correspondence with Alexander Konstanistov


Good day , Ingvar !

Article about a pig and a moron amanar on my website

Perhaps you would be interested .


Yes , Alexander, you surprised me . Did not think you have the guts to loudly tell about these unfortunate people . This article you drew my attention, even though I used to tell Marina that from all amanar’s idiots Konstanistov only one represents something, and I was wondering how long you will need to see who is amanar. Glad your belated epiphany , but better late than never . This article gave me your excuse to look at you and see the other side. I shake your hand.


Well, to be honest , I already half a year (maybe more ) do not communicatewith Amanar. I do not like to plant gossip , etc. Just time to punish this moron for his slander.

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Question 41 . Answer to former gag of Odessa sect " Red scumbag "


I have one question. Just wondering . I talk with many who are in the neutral position to AUMTSIK and to you. And of course those who strongly opposed. All articles that have been posted on the site, hurt people who in one way or another in the broad or narrow circles , expressed a negative opinion . Among my friends - there Artem Filenko. So, he for the year of our acquaintance has never said anything bad about either you or about your environment. Sometimes even tried to change our minds , so to speak . And for me it was a great surprise to read about him such a great article , and with the assignment of his title. Yesterday I just talked to him about it. And he is in a great loss of this situation. After all, he was always in complete neutrality . Question : The reason is that he communicates with the Red Dragon or that communicates  Elena Rudenko with AUMTSIK ? I would like to get an honest answer.


I give you my word - you'll get the answer to this question when the time comes, do not rush things .


All right. Thank you.


Good day! I watched long enough for everything happening in magical circles , think and reflect . I have a suggestion - let's meet and talk . Discuss what happens as we all continue to work . Because only together we can do something really specific and useful for everyone. I am writing on my behalf , and not from the Red Dragon. Yesterday I met with Artem Filenko. We talked about everything going on. Artem , like me , have also all rather tired . Intrigue , dirt , gossip - in which we all are now. Browsing the site of the Red Dragon ( I am admin there together with Lucius) , I saw that under the last article about you ( written by Chadaev ) comments are adherents of the Red Dragon - and among them is a comment of Filenko. I asked Artem why this comment , if he ever called upon us to look for a compromise ? It turned out Artem never seen this article , and even more so did not give a comment . Obviously, Alexander Chadaev (aka Lucius ) - willfully wrote a comment on his behalf. I was not engaged in the placement of the article , and the admin access have only me and him.

Lucius - an obvious schemer . And during our conversation , I made sure of it personally .

Red Dragon has invited Filenko to become an adept , but he refused . Now Artem finally sent them all to hell. As I wrote above , I'm too tired of this whole mess . Bedlam soluble by Lucius has no boundaries.

So let's meet the three of us in the near future ( you, me, Artem ) and just talk , discuss everything. Artem also set up for a constructive dialogue and work.


FIRST July 1, 2013 I'll give you a definitive answer to this your proposal for a meeting , I think that maybe we will meet with you Serge and talk , remember, if before July 1, I will see that your last words with deeds are the same ( the same applies and your Artem ) meeting will take place . 

SECOND promised me an answer to your question, you will receive at the end of June this year. Try with your Artem not disappoint me and do what you said .

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Question 40 . The answer to the question will always depend on how the question is asked

Catherine question :

--- Forwarded message --- 

From: " Catherine Sheremet " farreider@yandex.ua 

Date: June 25, 2013 , 11:45:24

Hello, dear Igor Stefanovich. My name is Ekaterina Vladimirovna (for you just Catherine). I come from Krivoy Rog , Dnepropetrovsk region that , Svetlena sent me a message about the ring of power , or the first roundtable of Mages in Ukraine. I was very interested in these things , because I have grown fond of the study of such things. I do not know whether to make allowances for the fact that I was born on 13 of Friday, but the fact does not change in any way ... Whether to go into what I had a lot of so-called "teachers" who are either went crazy when try to enter me into hypnosis or else disappear from my life without any explanation... Let's just say one thing, I'm tired of living like this ... And the fact that no one owes nothing to periodically brings me out of " nothingness " to the usual circles of our worldly existence .

I decided to write to you for several reasons. Maybe because of this letter seems a little chaotic and full of completely empty and unnecessary information , but nevertheless , I would like to tell you the reasons why , in fact, here and talking to you ...

1 reason . My mother...

I was a little eight year old girl when the event happened ... My mother worked as a leading economist , and , with her two honors and introduction of graduation project , which was protected by her brilliantly , deserved authority . Her salary was more than an ordinary miner with my father she divorced almost immediately after pregnant, but it's a completely different story , which , so far, there is no place in my muddled narrative. So, continue ... My mom is very tormented by spinal pain, which was not seen limit ... Packaging of Pentalgin per day , black elbows from the load , and wild pain - that's what has become of her torment and bring to the point of exhaustion . She went to the hospital. Medical osteochondrosis, go on vacation , relax - the pain and fatigue in the spine will leave you...

Mom , followed all instructions and requirements of physicians , but health was not getting any better , but rather worse and worse every day , every hour ... She decided - so can no longer continue ...

At that time, all the newspapers and " word of mouth " were full of what is good and supportive to people with a spine Kasian , who lives in Kobelyaki ... Mom decided to go directly to him at the time, she had already taken leave without pay and could barely move around the apartment , not knowing where to hide from the wild pain that tore apart her back . Fortunately, caught familiar with the car and they were off in not a short journey of hope that Kasian , a legend of his time, did help ...

Did not help ... Hit only twice in the back ... When my mother passed out , he just opened the door and shouted, "Take this cow , she was lying at my feet , prevents to work " ... When my mom pulled out of his office , in my childish way forever crashed her blue-black complexion, it felt that her feet pounded very long and all over the body ... It seemed that all the pain of her body spilled out onto the face of the dead and frozen mask that person could be called a stretch ...

Two weeks ...  she urinated blood and did not get up from bed ... He just tipped her kidneys ... after more than two months, she went to the doctor trauma , pre- X-rayed her spine ... Doctor of 50s ( the mother at the time was 38 years old ) , who reluctantly muttered , so she gave her a shot ... Just looking at him , the doctor changed countenance , took off her glasses , staring at mother as a stranger from another planet ... The question that she asked her then , my mother remembered for a lifetime , as well as the diagnosis made her ... Kiddy my dear, And how you're sitting ? ? ? You've got virtually no SPINE , IT IS BROKEN...

The fact that Kasian with one blow of his fist peasant first split , and the second and destroyed all fixed disk of the spinal column , which serves as a link between mobile and fixed disks ... After some on this disc " boarded " top 5 drives , and later , and all the rest ... Jammed spinal nerve , mother became disabled in 38, group 1 ... For Life ......

…I remember that terrible first year of my illness ... I had just dreamed of a magic wand and just reveal a capacity , in addition to See ... I was almost 9. Mom almost always silent , knitting , knitting , knitting , in order not to go crazy from what her diagnosis Poliradikulomielopatiya incurable ... She did not move , lying and thinking and thinking .... For what life has thrown her overboard in one motion , that was a normal serving perspective, person , and now the unfortunate cripple live which may still have a few months or years. But .. my mother - it's not the kind of person who gives up ... I remember how happy we were , as she became slowly learning to walk again ... it was an achievement to reach the kitchen, and slowly walk back again . Further - more , began to go out of the house ... I remember how she complained to me that curbs invented the man who does not know what a bad back is... When you go and think the number of those borders, which passed and each time stabbing pain brings you to faint and dizzy when you're trying to raise leg ... All this she suffered ...

And now the foundation . Once my mom a bit started walking, she became (I think it was the deepest despair or try to find an answer to the unspoken question) go on various healers and fortune tellers ... Some took the money and did not say anything sensible , some were silent , and some ... Their first question was - and you have envious ? go home , take a look pillows. Mom came home and found a really terrible things. Almost every day under our threshold was reddish earth pours red color ... And once we came from the walk home , and unlocking all the locks , we found fresh pile of feces in the hallway ... Mom then just sat down and cried , saying - God, who am I bothering to live so that I alone did not leave ... Soon the house appeared ominous shadows , and I , being even 16 years , afraid to stay home alone, since I was unabated feeling that someone was watching me with a sharp turn of the head with a laugh disappears ... Became constantly stink gas, gray ... I became hard to understand the magic, read the literature and make acquaintance with people who are more or less versed in this ... I was immediately said - here a huge amount of energy impacts , and damage done by the curse of death , some said generic, some just grinned , saying that is made solely on the mother , so if I get out of that apartment , then my life will become better,  if also be there , will fade with each passing day true and confident, gradually, slowly , ominously ... I experience it for myself fully ... Weekly clogged sewer human bones , teeth and hair pieces ... Does not stop it and to this day ...

Growing up, I do not stop trying to help my mother somehow . I was told by another friend of mine - was done for a number of decades ceremony at the cemetery , middle-aged woman with black hair and her assistant . This woman - witch probably already dead , but she gave the gift to the assistant , and she continues to "work" instead , and this chain is unending ... Sage was very surprised that my mom is still alive , telling me that she was probably just unreal strong personality , and only faith in God, to which she refers somehow brightens up her gray gloomy days ... In parting, not happy , saying that it is impossible to help... " Honey, humble yourself ... Nothing will help. sorry " - that was his words. How can accept daughter  the situation , seeing the condition of the mother, who is either crying or hates the world , becoming aggressive , closed and inhospitable...

I would like to hear your opinion about this ...

Sincerely , Catherine

 --- Forwarded message ---

From: " Catherine Sheremet " farreider@yandex.ua

Date: June 25, 2013 , 11:47:09

This letter I sent you two years ago. Nothing in life of my family and friends has not changed. Can I still count on your help?

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Question 39. Reply to Oksana

Date : June 24, 2013, 12:52:59

Your have a message from Oksana:

Good day, I am writing to you, Igor, as a man of broad and deep knowledge. I have a question. For some time I have had a man in my life who spoiled my living from time to time. Ad still I cant’t forget and forgive. As though he is mentally ill, he sows evil everywhere, taking position of the fool. He is very dangerous for society. I can’t do anything, I know this situation is familiar to you. Help me to cope with my pain.

email: krutiati@mail.ru

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Question 38. Reply to Sergei

Question of Sergey :

" Hello dear Ingvar. I have a trouble. Suddenly there was a car crash on the road, I was bad. I worked in another city and was taken to hospital from which decided to go home fearing imprisonment in jail. All things in my life are bad. A fire in the former place of residence, celibacy for a long time, the debts. My old mother is ill and will have nowhere to live. I don’t do anything bad. I always try to help if I can. I am begging for charity help as I am without means to repay the living. I promise to say thank u financially if my life will get a positive scenario and income, and I agree to all your conditions. Help is needed urgently so far I have not found by the police, owners, Interior Ministry etc ... I very beg for urgent help, as I have no more to ask.

 With kind regards and best wishes

 Sergei, 09.07.1967


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Question 37. Reply to Alexander Radionovich

Question by Alexander :


Respected magician, if you say that prices were not raised for the money, I have to ask you for the third time tohelp in treatment of HIV infected nurse in our local hospital. Here's her contact telephone 05060992457. So once you write that help cancer patiets in Zhytomyr so why do not you just want to help a good man. And then you can see a lot of advertising intent. - Prove your actions in a single treatment. And the second you have raised the price… why?. People come to you from the all corners of Ukraine spending on the road. Respect and love your students. Once you are a teacher, please teach them traditional healing and sorcery, not black magic. Some enrich and some suffer.  - I will be happy to get your answer in public. Sasha Rodionovich.

Link mag-ingwar.com

Alexander Radionovich

Dear master, Bombushkar Igor Stefpnovich ( Ingvar ), for the third time I ask at least for a little help. We have a HIV infected nurse workig in a hospital in Jankoi. I will give you her phone number to contact her and see what she needs, what your tea to take. 0506092457. Call her. Here it will be seen directly from you that you have really helped a living person, without any constant advertise. Create and the world will see it. Sorry if something is wrong. Your “student” from the Crimea, Gerhard, whom you have not seen and have not looked closely at how and what I can.

Link mag-ingwar.com

 Dear friends, I greet all of you today and want to give a clear and detailed explanation of one of the ..

June 3 at 10:12 | Reply

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Question 36. Reply to Vladimir

Hello Ingvar !

In February last year, I asked for advice from one of your institution - Yana from Odessa, who something actually suggested. I have an idea of demonic candlesticks y " Tarot of Lucifer ." In August last year, I spoke with Jana, if it will be interesting. The andwer was yes. I proposed her to cut a candle for her and we decided that it would be Asmodey.  I have copies of almost the entire deck ( 7 to 105), but not in very good quality ( images are blurred so that it is not always possible to read the name of the Demon + compressed ( card size ( 61 * 53). I told this to Jana and asked for a photocopy of a quality card and a separate stamp and signature of Asmodeus, if possible, a detailed description. Yana offered to send me the original deck, but unfortunately, I had to give up. Thing is that at the moment I 'm in jail and I will not be allowed. Jana promised that she would send my "order " in a letter, but apparently she is very busy. Jana gave me coordinates of Sergei Neboga, told he can help. But also no. So I had to go back to my sick imagination. Now I loaded up a little bit - I cut Chury Slavic Gods + main work (I'm an engraver).

So I went to the main part of my letter. I found prices on all wooden figures. They cost really a lot. I have a lot of ideas of what I can do. I am writing to you Igvar, because you are a founder of “Lucifer’s Tarot”. And only you can help me in my plans. What do you think if my ideas would be interesting to people of magic world?

As an example I bring to your attention so long and unfinished candlestick in the form of Asmodeus. I think in general you will understand what I'm saying. Well, that's probably all for now. I do not have internet and I send my letter to my friend Artem, who have this internet and if you wish, you can find out how to contact me.

With Best wishes, Vladimir.

24.03 .13 .

P.S. My email address is : VV Makhonina GIK -96 , 8 detachment , p. Settlement, Rivne region. 35341







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Question 35. Appeal to Raokriom

Dear, Raokriom !

I am sincerely glad that you finally showed signs of life :

Re: General duties of members MOOM "Rising Sun"

Post Raokriom » June 13, 2013 , 00:46

We may, of course, gather !

Re: General duties of members MOOM "Rising Sun"

Post Ingvar " June 18, 2013 , 01:15

Dear Raokriom, a full and detailed answer to this your personal message you will get here 22 - 23 June this year and this my answer if it suits you, then we “we may, of course to gather"

http://forum.mag-ingwar.com/viewtopic.php?f=78&t=10712&p=23227 # p23227 

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Question 34 . Features of dialogue between Ingvar and some particular candidates to disciples . Part 2 . Feet

Preface :

I cite here only a couple of messages from a woman named Angella, because I do not see any reason to load this " multi-volume " section on this page. Talks are given separately.

This is a special correspondence: gradually , letter after letter , line by line , I have read and understood as a man of status of possible potential apprentice confidently enters the customer's status psychiatrist ...

Style and spelling of the original correspondence preserved.


Again manipulations igor. You are predictable .. I strained to you .. there may be enough to cast on me , huh? ? Inevitably you. If yoy want money, say so. But now I do not understand my goals to you .. I have everything upside down in life and the teachers at the moment .. In the priorities I have you know who .. but along the way you don’t like it, you drive away me from all ... I feel your plans on me.. but I'm more scared .. What do you want from me , Igor ? ? ? Well the last time I did not want from you except a couple lessons on tarot Lucifer .. and now it is not a fact. I 'm afraid of you at all ! ! Together with yours publishings, jets , internet articles and provocations ... and if you would prefer to meet just to talk in a friendly environment. Yes .. I will tell you that I’m not rich enough.. and  the global study from you . . I am not defined at all with program..  I have vague feelings just as a magician and do not understand you much . ARRIVE YOURSELF.  .. I do not understand What are you want from me . I m Wicked!))



He will make. Hah. You wanna break me? ? (it's not my nature is to protect my territory and unclear objectives are clear .. and they will not understand, from me many things don’t depend.. why you are making me tomorrow to you to fly ? And then I will wait for an hour on the bench as Ala or Gast .. and always pay in advance is silly.. I afraid of you .. I 'll sleep better .. .


Yes, even now I do not know what to say - I did not know that I from you, it turns out, needed money. Well , I'll write an article , but we'll see .

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Question 33. A Witch's Curse

Person , which considers herself a generic witch : http://vk.com/vedma_olesya




You're also doing magic ?

See you in my friends list

Are you here?



Igor , you do magic or not?



No, of course, what magic , it's a sin.



Practicing witchcraft ?



Well it's a sin too.



And how you will comment on this? You mean it's not a sin ?

( shown below is attached screenshots )







What is it? Can not read, the handwriting is too small .



Click on the photo and it will open a large ... This is a screenshot of your correspondence



The fact is that there is always responsible administrators and if you think that I.S. speaks to you , you are a dreamer , he does not read this your garbage , you are composing about it , but be sure i 'll show him, let him know that he, lover of beautiful women , fools like you consider a fag .



I don’t care who and how ... And I don’t think anyhing... They sent me this screen , decided to ask that Igor is thinking about it (though it is decided whether or not to ask him ) this time! And secondly , for having called me a fool , having no reason at all , you will respond in full, will continue to think of how to respond to people!



And you are quack ! Garbage you do, not magic! Saw your video as you cast out a demon of alcoholic women, because the demons are not of such a tone of voice say , as this woman is schizophrenic ! Do not make a laughing stock of witchcraft , and not fool people with your clowning ! The demons are expelled, they have a different tone in voice. I've been doing magic from a 12 - year-old and I can see on the video that you quack !



I was asked to convey that you are a fool, a fool from 12 years old, that is, immediately after your studies of witchcraft.



Never hurt a witch. As you never know with what forces you to deal. It is not just a woman, she is chosen by the spirits of first-born , and these spirits cherish and revenge to her offender . Revenge is very cruel and terrible. Aleister Crowley (the great magician ) 

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Question 32. Educational films . Reply to Alexander

Question of Alexander :


Hello, Igor. I represent a site for physicians Evrika.ru. Periodically we publish , in addition to news and articles on medical problems , video from public access. Your video cause constant interest of medical audiences as it differs by excellent quality installation and are purely practical. On behalf of the editorial board , I would like to ask your permission to publish your video channel videos at least occasionally on our site.

( with respect. Biriuzov Alexander , Moscow)

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Question 31. Neurosurgery or reply to dodger.

Vitaly question :

19.05.2013 , 21:01 , " Vitaliy Rogozin " <vitaliyrogozin@i.ua>:

Dear Igor Stefanovich, hello again . Plucked up the nerve and ask you again. Perhaps you remember me, because you have already responded to my letter on your website. But perhaps it is worth recalling, because many people write to you and you are responsible for many. And I try to read all of your responses, so as not to miss something important for myself , though I admit not all clear to me , and not all is interesting. And it is not surprising, only because I am far from different magic and all that it involves. You are a surgeon . And I plan to work in this area in future. Therefore, the interest is purely medical. And the question to you as a person who has a relationship to medicine . My name is Vitaly , I'm a student of Zaporozhye medical university and in future ( very much on what I hope)) surgeon. And I turned to you with question on educational films for which you have answered me and gave two of your films. For that once again sincerely thank you. I have already said that your films of high quality. And the ones that I've mentioned also do not disappoint .

 As I understand it (sorry, if I suddenly realized incorrectly) that, if the need arises, i may even ask you about your educational films. A request like that. I 'm working on issues related to neurosurgery. And I would like to get as much information on this topic, specifically for neurosurgical operations. Can you find something on this subject ? If yes, then re apologize for arrogance and ask to upload the movie on YouTube, so I can get acquainted with it.

I am writing to you because the quality of your previous films that I already have , are satisfied. If you have nothing on Neurosurgery, I will be glad to get acquainted with any other film, because 'm sure it will not be superfluous. Knowledge are not redundant - tested for years of training .

And one more question. How much do you think is effective treatment of epilepsy with neurosurgery techniques ?

Sorry for the obsession. Sincerely yours, Vitaliy.

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Question 30. Reply to empty space under the nickname "the Court of Magicians"

The court magicians

Hello Ingvar

Date : April 26 . at 20:40 , " sudmagov " sudmagov@ukr.net:

Hello Ingvar. I've been watching you for a long time... for your business. I certainly do not like a certain aggressiveness in your articles, but that it's up to you and your site. I will not and am not going to judge you ... because with all this, I respect you for your perseverance and dedication. But to be honest a little bit away from the topic. I was faced with such a topic on the internet

Myths and Truths About The Ringing Cedars of Russia

link to the site http://александр.румега.рф/articles/mith-truth.htmI

I would like to know your opinion about these people including Vladimir Maigret - heard this kind of movement is similar to the sensational at the time White Brotherhood .... and by the way there is a perception that you once tried to join a brotherhood - I of the White Brotherhood ! I Would also like to know if its true or not?

On this I will finish my letter! Sorry that I didn’t tell my name ... but its not necessary to know my real name because I have a lot of enemies in my criticism ... I think you will understand me ! Sincerely, Court of Magicians

Reply --- Original Message ---From: " Ingvar " ingwar-wisdom@yandex.ru

Date : April 29, 2013 , 18:09:55

Your questions are serious and deep. I have the answers, but I can not correspond to the empty spot.

You can call or visit


The court magicians

26.04.2013 , 20:40

Hello Ingvar, if you get my letter and answered ... I am not nothing.

Perhaps it is too early for our relationship to the living, ie face to face .

I beg you to believe that this is not my arrogance. I'm just a simple person who sees and understands.

I am of course pleased to see that at different “antisharlatan” and “stop magicians” a full rubbish is written - excuse me for the expression, but the fact remains. I have often tried to provoke the administration sites to action - but only what they can do ... is to delete my messages and ignore.

It is a pity that the guys who opened the portal Secret World ezo.kriv.biz- closed ... they had very ambitious plans for the world of esotericism and various ... but they are fully destroyed by hackers and their attacks. Judging from what your site is all afloat ... you have a good team that keeps everything under control.

Well in general will not pour water in vain. But back to the subject of the Ringing Cedars ... and the White Brotherhood. You are a respected person and even so would like to hear your response - not necessarily in direct writing... 

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Question 29. Tattoo : to do or not to do? That is the question ...

question of Andrew

Message 1:

Hello, Igor. I wanted to ask you how you feel about tattoos ? Do they contribute to the development of magic ?

Message 2 :

Read the note about Borschan and everything connected with it. The picture is very nasty . Good fairs rarely appreciated, but I think everything will be good. Respect from me and good luck in your endeavors .

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Question 28. Attention! A card form the deck “Lusifer’s Tarot” has been gone. What to do?

question by Nicholas

May 14, 2013 , poster999@yandex.ru

" Hello ! ))) I will not write much, just ask. A card from my deck of “Lucifer’s Tarot” has been gone(28) How best to proceed in this case? "

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Question 27 . Answer to Borschan Victor ( former personal bodyguard of Andrei Balaban - Amanar)

Victor Borschan

Incoming SMS-message with the number 0976205483, belongs to V. Borschan to office phone of Ingvar

13.05.2013 , 21:26

What scared ? Only had the courage to write about me , what you wasn’t ask for and what you were not allowed ! Your actions run ahead of your thoughts!

13.05.2013 , 21:45

I do not ask , I just recommend you - if possible , get all your nonsense that you write about me ! Your official address , etc. ! I very much hope on your wisdom and understanding. Total ! Do not count on someone else's hands rake in your heat , as it was very clear in your writings. Do not get unnecessary enemies , nobody cares !..

13.05.2013 , 21:51

And finally: In good memory I have the amazing patience and good at waiting! I'm sure you all know very well ! I repeat - no one needs that!

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Question 26. How to buy books of Ingvar and whether you can do it at all?

question of Tatiana

Health to you, Igor. I am very interested in some of your books. Kindly tell me, is it possible to buy your books and magazines? And how could it be done as I'm in the Moscow region . Thank you in advance .

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Question 25 . Ingvar response to the proposal by NTV

Shogin Eugene

NTV +7 (495) 725-51-03 Moscow, Academician Korolev Str.12

Dear Ingvar !

Management of social and legal broadcasting NTV television asks you to assist in the preparation of the program for the healing of the human soul . We ask you to comment on this issue , as well as bring in a ritual of purification of the human soul .

Contact phone edition : +7-495 -725-51-23

Mob. tel . +7-967-216-59-99 Eugene

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Question 24. Features of dialogue with some special students and candidates

Today , dear friends , I'll tell you about a special talent possessed by some of my SPECIAL students and candidates for their role. And to ensure that you can more clearly understand the whole feature of this gift, I will give a series of quotations from my correspondence with such talented individuals here .

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Question 23 . Price of knowledge and practical experience


15.03.2013 , 18:57 " Vitaliy Rogozin " vitaliyrogozin@i.ua:

Dear Igor Stefanovich. By pure chance on YouTube stumbled upon your medical film on appendectomy when I was searching for something worthwhile out of practice. You , as I understand, yourself learned in medical and perfectly understand what I mean. At the moment I am a student of the 5th year of the Medical University ( Zaporozhye) . Plans to further extend the internship in surgery. All my luggage now - it's just a theory , only theoretical knowledge . Practice , of course , there is , but it is very, very small. None of the opportunity to properly practice . Even just to attend the surgery as a spectator - and it's hard . And so "to stand on the hook " - yes it is generally top dreams. It remains to search the internet movies like yours . Do not take for flattery, but those of your films that I found (there are three ) , very high quality, but they are few . I reviewed and downloaded them already. And I have something to compare . So your movies are very interested. Began to look more and more , because you 're saying on YouTube , that a total of 18 films . But I can not find them anywhere . So found on your site e-mail address and decided to contact you personally with a request . Tell me, please , where I can find your other movies on surgery?

Sincerely, Vitaly .

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