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First International scientific and practical conference of magicians

Ukrainian Magicians Association (UAM) together with Academy of Universal Magic, Cure and Warlockry (AUMCIK) invites all followers to take part in First International scientific and practical conference of magicians on 25 December 2011 to take part in First International scientific and practical conference of magicians

Topic of the conference:

"Magic and its place in modern people`s lives".

Background: Despite the rapid growth of magic`s popularity in the society, its basic aspects, however, remain underreported and even distorted, which inevitably leads to some contradictions. Modern people are entangled in the nets of mass-media, religious dogma and social prejudices, both with respect to the concept of magic and its place in our lives. One facet of the problem lies in the fact that, as a rule, ordinary businessmen and charlatans perform the clarification of these issues, calmly performing their dirty business using people`s trust and lack of elementary esoteric literacy. Based on this, now more than ever people need clear and precise knowledge on the nature of magical phenomena, thus putting an end to widespread profanity and deception.


The following issues will be discussed at the conference:

1. Magic as one of the consciousness development ways.

2. Magic and esotericism. A variety of modern esoteric teachings. Comparative characteristics.

3. The relationship of magic and religion.

4. The possibilities of magic. Myths and misconeption.

5. Magic and the media. The pseudo-magical literature.

6. Magic and schizophrenia. Magic impact and human`s mistrust.

7. The criteria for identifying the true magicians and charlatans. Payment for magical services.

8. Legalaspects of magical services provision.

9. The difficulties and dangers of self-application of magical practices.

10. The possibilities of magic in helping law enforcement agencies.

11. The need to improve esoteric literacy.


Program of the conference:


12.00 - 24.00 Accomodation and check-in hotel.

19.00 - 21.00 Tour through the evening Kyiv.

21.00 - 24.00 Anyone interested can visit magic bath and sauna.


09.00 – 09.30 Registration of participants, morning coffee.

09.30 – 09.45 Opening of the conference. Initial word of the chairman.

09.45 – 11.35 Reports session.

11.35 – 11.50 Coffee break. Tour through the castle.

11.50 – 13.40 Reports session.

13.40 – 13.55 Coffee break. Tour through the castle.

13.55 – 15.45 Reports session.

15.45 – 16.00 End of the conference and closing procedure. Summing-up.

16.00 – 17.00 Buffet.


Benefits of participation in the conference:

1. opportunity to present your teachings as well as your personal findings and techniques;

2. familiarity with the well-known masters, the expansion of contacts and networking;

3. opportunity to attent the territory of ancient Places of Power in the magic castle "Chateau Mystique";

4. possibility to publish your works;

5. receipt a pronted book of abstract "Materials of I International conference of magicians";

6. receipt of 50% discount at the conference day on all printing products of "Bombushkar Publishing House", phytoteas "Gift of Power", and magic attributes;

7. participants of the conference will receive a notepad and magical diary in black cover as a gift, as well as full-color desk calendars, wall "Magic calendar of Power", medal and diploma of participant of I International conference of magicians and also a set of unic phytoteas "Gift of Power".


Forms of participation:

There are two forms of participation in the conference: as a presenting speaker (presentation of your personal report; organization fee is absent) and as a free listener (organization fee - 250 UAH). It is also possible to publish the report in the book of abstracts without personal attendance of the conference (for free).


Requirements to speakers:

- at least three years of practical experience in your direction;

- availability of published or being prepared for printing book reflecting the position of the speaker in the field of occult or related sciences;

- a presenting authors should be more than 25 years old.


Organization fee:

The organization fee includes the value of conference materials (publication in book of abstracts, conference program, informational and invitation letters), booking of a hotel, buffet. Presenting speakers don`t pay the organization fee.



Ancient Place of Power, magical castle "Chateau Mystique". Ukraine, Kyiv, Darnitskiy district, Lenina street 39.



Housing is provided for foreign participants (freely for presenting authors). All other participants should pay 250 UAH (per person/per day) for living in the comfortable double room.



Informational department of the conference:

Phone:  (044) 599 51 23,

E-mail: rising-sun@ukr.net

Official site:  www.aumcik.com