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Report on passage of First Panel Discussion of Ukrainian magicians

In the great festival of a summer solstice on 22 June clairvoyants, magicians, helers, witchcrafters and representatives of different magic traditions gathered in magic castle "Chateau Mystique" (Ukraine, Kyiv, Bortnichi). All participant perform personal magic practices in different places all over Ukraine. In total there were 97 persons who have become the participants of First Panel Discussion of Ukrainian magicians and who will become the future basis of first public organization of Ukrainian magicians. So, the First Panel Discussion was carried out in spite of promises of well-wishers to surround the castle with an army to prevent our assembly, but no one came to "take us to the siege". Apparently, they received the infromation about video surveillance and round the clock guardianship of the castle. By the way, all of our Internet wishers were invited to participate in the Panel Discussion in order to be able to express their opinions, which also has a right to exist, but nobody came. Is not it much like a fable, in which the goat had climbed onto the roof and began to insult a wolf? Well, we wish them to be more corageous to speak with people by sight and welcome to our next assembly.


All participants of the Panel Discussion is a worthy and interesting people who are ready for constructive dialog, and even in the beginning there was certain constraint, it disapeared very quickly, largely thanks to Ingwar, who set the simple and sincere tone of conversation without excessive pathos, and even a discussion of the most serious issues was performed easily and naturally. All were very pleased with the fact that there was no conflicts on the ground of belonging of the participants to "white", "black" or even "grey-brown-crimson" (joke). This once again proves that adult and intellegent people gathered at the meeting and they well understand that Power is one and doesn`t change depending on situation. They do not need to earn credibility in the eyes of others due to squabbling and abuse. Moreover, during breaks magicians shared the experience, consulted each other, told amusing stories from the practice. But, of course, the main goal of the meeting was the dicsussion of cretion of first public organization of Ukrainian magicians. The main directions of activity of future public organization of Ukrainian magicians were presented to participants:


1. Mutual help. Ir often happens that a specialist providing help to people can`t help himself or his family. The reasons are different – some can`t work bacause of personal ethics, some - depending of preferable tradition, and some experts can`t work due to simple emotions and rueful feelings. And, as was told by one of the participants, a person can be judged as happy if he has at least one number on which he can phone at any time with any question without need of explanation of problem core and obtain real assistance instead of empty words like "well, you are strong". The members of the organization will have the whole phone book of such numbers and honorable duty to help colleagues.


2. Legal protection. Every serious magician (earlier or later) encounters with the representatives of law enforcement agencies  with an obsessive proposal for cooperation, which sometimesgoes beyond the moral and ethical standards.  In case of refusal they always have the controls, since it hardly can be a person who doesn`t care about his fate and reputation, fate of his family, who unbelievably would like to reveal all his secrets or be responsible for something that he did not commit. There are organizations counteracting blackmail all over the world, so it is time for Ukrainian magicians to create their own organization to protect their rights and freedoms.


3. Helping people and beneficence. All members of the Organization will be able to perform an open appointment in seven cities of Ukraine (Kyiv, Donetsk, Dnipropetrovsk, Odessa, Kharkiv, Kherson, Simferopol`). There are equipped magic rooms with appropriate attributics in each of the above mentioned cities. The participants will help in finding of lost people (in the case of such request),provide assistance to law enforcement agencies in solving crimes (in the case of appropriate request). Beneficence is an obligatory part of the Organization`s activity, but as distinct from other associations, we have no intention of doing it as a PR-action.


4. Exposing and eliminating fraud in magic, healing and witchcraft. It`s no secret that in all times there were a lot of swindlers and rogues who wrongly attributed paranormal abilities to themselves and thus earning much money, but now, in the age of high technologies, such shenanigans are taking new forms. What costs such TV programs as "Psychic challenge" that have turned into a "pop-circus show-ballet". Of course, there were worthy participants on this program, but it seems likely that psychic abilities is usually measured in the amount of bribes given to administration of program. Among the plans of our public organization of Ukrainian magicians creation of free hot line for provision of real magic consultations and opening of our own program on one of the leading TV channels. Potent educational activity aimed at exposinf the charlatans and swindlers will be performed in all mass-media.


5. Spiritual develppment. Membership in the Organization means the participation in collective and individual practices. Facing new and exciting challenges you will gain invaluable experience that can and should (if desired) be share. Unfortunately, registration of magic associations is prohibited in our country. Therefore, the Organization will be called "Center for psychological help "Rising Sun", since clairvoyants, magicians, healers and witchcrafters still play the role of psycologists in the countries of Eastern Europe. There were many persons willing to begin the immediate discussion and approval the already prepared statute, but the organizer of Panel Discussion Ingwar proposed to postpone the discussion of statute to a web-site www.aumcik.com, thus giving each person a possibility to corect it and propose some amendments without the hustle and bustle. This statute will be placed at the forum from 28.06.2011 till 5.07.2011.


Each participant received a lot of positive emotions, saw new books of "Bombushkar Publishing House", and also obtained discount on books of this publishing house and magic phytoteas "Immunodar", "Sosudodar" and "Phytodar". All participants highly appreciate the Academy of Universal Magic, Cure and Warlockry (AUMCIK) created by Ingwar on the December 2011; all participants received educational program of AUMCIK. Much has been done, but it is only the first step in this historic landmark journey. Well, let`s wait for the next meeting...