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The Ball for magicians in Mysterious Castle.

Ball for magicians. Magicians. Now more and more people choose this path in life. But who are they? Where did they come to us, those mysterious magicians? After all, they are known to mankind since ancient times to the present days. Where did they gain knowledge, skills, abilities and how can help? Only now the historical science and archeology are able to shed some light on this question. Everything is very simple. Magicians are the priests of ancient religions,  still existing and forgotten. Magic takes many forms, trends and directions. However, the magicians of the Earth have something in common. That is quite natural, as the supreme law is the same for all human cultures in every part of our universe. In Soviet times, magic, like all spiritual movements, was banned. And only from 1988 the knowledge became available again and won the trust of millions of people in the former Soviet Union. This caused the revival of the magical life in Europe and around the world, often with the help of our emigrants.

Magic achieved a new impetus to its popularity, proving effectiveness. Magic created its pioneers, heroes, who spent many years of their lives for the popularization of magical knowledge. One of these magicians is Luris. He is one of the best experts in the world on hypnosis and self-hypnosis. He started to share his knowledge in the Soviet time, but abroad, more than 250 tours! Luris demonstrated his incredible skills: he swallowed swords and knives, saws sulfuric acid and bite glass, pierced himself, called and stopped the bleeding, went on fire. This caused the desire to learn this ancient knowledge. Luris and his students organized the International Order of the White Magic "Order of the Key", whose mission is to give people the knowledge about people.

Magic balls were very popular in Europe and Russian Empire in the XIX, first half of the XX century. Later due to world political events such balls were forgotten. The last ball in Kiev which brought together representatives of secular and magical elite, was held in 1916. "The Order of the Key" has organized a ball in April 25, 2009. It was the first ball in the XXI century. The reason for the invitation was a book of Luris "The Magic of Hypnosis." This book was published for the first time and has no analogues. In addition it combines two books - a story about the secrets of hypnosis and self-hypnosis, and tutorial. This book was published by Publishing House by Bombushkar, one of today's best publishers in CIS. 

There were invited: Ingvar, magician and publisher, magician Amanar, the head of the Order of "Red Dragon", Luris and "Order of the Key", white magician Digmus, Oleg Manko, a special representative of the European dynastic orders, the author of this article Raokriom, head of the school "Vedic Magic" and other magicians. Also clerges were invited: the representatives of the Roman Catholic clergy and  Ukrainian Orthodox Church. The representatives of the secular elite: Evgeny Chervonenko with his daughter Alexandra, politician and businessman, Ostap Stupka, the actor, Irene Karpa, Ukrainian writer and several actresses. And the business community: fashion designer Helen Golets, Darina Korcheskaya, Vladimir Nechiporuk, producer of Ukrainian Fashion Week, Nikolay Tishchenko, one of the founders of a chain of restaurants "Trump Card". In total - 78 honorable guests. Among the invitees were also: the designer Olga Gromova, Stepan, the son of Leonid Chernovetsky, TV presenters Marysia Gorobec and Olga Freimuth, writers Andrew Miller and Anton Friedland, Peter Pereversev, the owner of "MedEstetTsentr" Tatiana Kostenko, director of modeling agency "Line 12" Masha Manyuk. There were representatives of five Ukrainian TV channels, the representatives of "Eurovision" (they filmed the events of the ball in documentary. In June it will be in the Internet and on television channels of Europe), 24 journalists of newspapers (among them " Komsomolskaya Pravda","Today "," Kiyani "," Economic News "and others. All of them were united by one thing: the invited persons have used the magic of creativity (consciously or unconsciously), or consulted magicians.

The place of helding is also unique. Now it is called “Black Castle”. The castle is actually an accurate reconstruction of the castle of the Knights Templar. It was built from black stone, with huge underground tunnels, secret rooms, medieval halls, gothic candlesticks and figures dressed in armor of knights. It gives the impression of immersion into the mysteries of the Middle Ages. Ball started at 8:30 with a press conference. The press conference was succeeded by evening divination. In the dim light there were given predictions by magician Amanar  ("Tarot of Lucifer"), a hereditary white witch Yaroslava and other tarot readers. At 10 pm all went to a large hall, which was shrouded in smoke. Here guests found a large table covered with dishes prepared according to the recipes of medieval cuisine. Unfortunately, Luris couldn’t come himself. Next the author of this article was invited to the stage for an honorable mission to open the ball of magicians.

Full text of the speech: 

"An amazing event is happening today. Magicians and the most famous people of the capital city met at social event, as it has happened many hundreds of years ago. In times of crisis, confusion, depression there come knowledge, which was the privilege of the few specialists and magicians. Luris’ book is just about the ability to govern yourself, to become the master of your world. To become a magician. I am, as a writer, the author of many books, particularly pleased to introduce a new book of scholar and magician, which solves the most important task of the 21st century - to bring people the knowledge about people. We have a unique knowledge how to generate the desired result. This is modern psychological knowledge that magicians have kept thanks to thousands of years of knowledge transfer. After all, what is magic? This is a practical (applied) theology of oldest religions of our planet. And magicians are the priests of these ancient traditions. Magic has always accompanied mankind - from ancient times and to this day, and no doubt we will continue it. I am grateful and happy that I'm here. As rector of the school "Vedic Magic" I say with the responsibility that we are ready to cooperate, as with other schools and orders, and with those who are looking for a balance. We contribute to this work, both in our country and abroad, and will be happy to continue it. " 

Then Amanar spoke. He also praised a ball and a book. Then came Digmus. Digmus was laconic. At the time of acquaintance with Luris he was a merchant, whose turnover did not exceed 17,000 dollars. Applying knowledge from "Order of the Key" for the development of business, he expanded his company till turnover of several millions. His company sells intellectual  technologies abroad. Digmus advised anyone to use the knowledge from the book. The next speaker Oleg Manko congratulated the guests and expressed his appreciation for the ball as well as the book. Then was the display of a collection of magical clothing by Ellen Golets.

Then came clergy. The representative of the Roman Catholic Church confined by brief blessing. Archimandrite Vincent, a representative of Ukrainian Orthodox Church, also blessed the crowd. He also said that every priest must be a magician, and on the contrary as God is one for all. Father Vincent also said that the magic art of King Solomon and the other prophets were given by god. At the same time the official part of the ball was over -  guests chase, share experiences on magic. In the morning the guests proceeded to the Dnieper River, where was boat trip along the Dnieper. This ball has entered into all secular historical records. The history of the 21st century will certainly keep this date in the memory of mankind. We hope that such magical balls will become a good tradition.