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Publishing house

The Publishing House by Bombushkar has recently emerged and has already earned the reputation of the most courageous and objective esoteric book project on the territory of CIS countries. And, really , you need to have a remarkable commitment , integrity and unbending intent to follow the planned way to achieve the goal of finding and promoting the most secret and mysterious magical knowledge of mankind. Famous and real-life magicians of Ukraine and Russia open their secrets.

Books published by Bombushkar are exclusive, honest , they respect all keepers of the esoteric and magical mysteries of all religions and philosophies . Carefully thinking through each step, diligently searching for rare tomes and, of course , selecting the seeds of truth , publishing house rapidly improves the quality of the information material.

The philosophical " water", " pouring from the empty into the void " , or outdated, repeatedly discussed in the press " secrets" are far beyond the interests of the publisher.

Our task is to present to the market priceless magical tomes , full of not only words, but real actions.

No destruction , no “empty” words, no the slightest humiliation of religions and religious sanctities , only knowledge you can really use in this lifetime . Only such "Practical Occult Knowledge" is able to give the reader a chance to become a true master of his life , entering the essence of the sacred magic of art.


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