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The simplicity and transparency of the work are the basic qualities of our publishing house. That is why we have taken care of maximum comfort with which you can order and get any book, regardless of where you live.

Deliveries are carried out in any part of the globe, and at the same time - in the shortest possible time. To date, there are four ways you can purchase our books:

1.     You can buy ooks yourself in one of the offices on the territory of Ukraine or Russia . More information is available on the following page.

2.     Using the services of "Gunsel".

3.     With the help of Ukrainian state enterprise mail service " Ukrpochta ."

4.     Receive your order to your home ( express mail) . 

Company " Gunsel"

The advantage of this method lies in the fact that if you order the book today , tomorrow it will be in your city. To do this you need to:

1.     Find out if there is a representation of " Gunsel" in your city.

2.     Call one of the phone numbers listed in the "Contact Us " , and to clarify whether needed books are in stock.

3.     To send money to: Bombushkar Igor Stefanovic , 01042 , Ukraine , Kiev , p/66. Transfer amount is equal to the cost of your order.

4.     Report to the publisher that you have made ​​money transfer, and specify which books you wish to receive. It will also be necessary to specify the coordinates: name, city of residence, phone number  and office of"Gunsel". Immediately after receiving the money, we will send the order and notify you.

5.     The next day after the notification, you can call at the specified office of the company "Gunsel " and ask whether you can already pick it up .

6.     With the presentation of the document proving your identity ( passport, driver's license), you can get your order.

More information is available on the official website of the company : www.gunsel.com.ua

" Ukrpochta "

If you decide to use the services of " Ukrainian post ", the order will be sent as a regular parcel. The minus is that the parcel will go a little longer: in Ukraine - up to 7 days, the CIS countries - up to two weeks, foreign countries - not more than 3 weeks. As for your actions, they are the same as those described above, but with your mailing address. More detailed information can be found at : www.ukrposhta.com

" Pony Express" - Courier Mail

Using the services of " Pony Express ", you will receive your order from the comfort of home. To do this you need:

1.     After you know whether needed books are in stock, let our manager to know your order.

2.     In the nearest future manager will contact you and will indicate the amount of the money transfer ( it includes the cost of the books themselves  plus shipping, depending on the weight of the package ).

3.     You make the money transfer as usual and confirm our manager.

4.     Depending on the chosen rate: "Express " or "Economy", your parcel will be delivered to your address the same day or the next. 

And remember its easy to work with us!