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You can contact Ingvar as: 


Practicing magician. Ingvar consults people since 1994:

- Diagnostics of situations;

- The removal of negatives, parental and ancestral curses, evil eye and spoilage;

- Omens, lapels, the crown of celibacy;

- Child protection from the evil eye and spoilage;

- Protection of the house;

- Business correction;

- Career growth and financial stability.

To date, Ingvar is the author of 13 officially published books on practical magic and witchcraft, and is also the head of “Publishing house by Bombushkar" www.bombuschkar.com.

Practical herbalist.

Ingvar started his open activity in 1991, at the age of 15 as a herbalist. To date, Ingvar has developed and officially released his own herbal teas: Imunodar, Fitodar, Sosudodar. www.darsily.com.


In 2001, he graduated Donetsk State Medical University by Gorky. He also was a teacher there for 2 years on the subject "operative surgery." Bombushkar I.S. is the author of 14 books, over 150 scientific works and 25 invention certificates.

Psychiatrist. After graduating the Donetsk Medical University, Ingvar worked as a psychiatrist in the Donetsk City Hospitals.

Teacher and mentor. To date, nearly 100 people call Ingvar "Master" and about 500 students were on his magical seminars.



Consultation can be full-time, part-time and distance. For correspondence or distance consultation is necessary to send an e-mail with your photo, name, date, month and year of birth. Price of consultation is 1000 UAH.