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In search of hidden knowledge


Conscious pursuit of knowledge I have experienced long time ago, in school. When I realized that the presence of knowledge for me is the only driving force in life. As other "alternative" and effective ways - and relevant connections with the right people and making useful and appropriate means, first of all, my parents didn’t have. And therefore, to move forward to the target (and at that time my goal was to enter medical school), I can exclusively with my own knowledge. And I was looking for this knowledge ... The main source of which were books. And my teachers ... I eagerly soaked up everything that was interesting and useful to me. And I must say, I did not lose by betting on knowledge. For there is no more powerful and reliable means for the successful promotion of your own way of life. But on one condition: knowledge should be deep, fundamental and practically applicable in life. And for a while I was content that could get in school, college, get from teachers. I was successfully graduated from medical school ... No less successful was my job in the department, which has been reflected in research papers, educational films and students who I taught Operative Surgery and Topographic Anatomy ( based on the results of independent testing of students I was the best lecturer in the department ) ... But the time came when my knowledge no longer cope with the questions that I asked myself, and with the tasks I set myself - when I began to realize that in fact I do not know anything! After graduating from medical school, I realized the inadequacy of knowledge gained over the years of training in it. But most importantly, I understood the reason for this inferiority: medical school can give only the knowledge that it is aware and which already belong to this world, and age does not exceed 200-300 years. Medical school is unable to provide the knowledge, the duration of which is calculated for centuries and millennia. In medical school you are taught not to understand of the finest interconnections and interdependencies in the human body, but imitation of knowledge that are considered correct and authoritative . And medical school can give only superficial knowledge. They are useful of course but only to some level of development. I needed another knowledge. Such, with which I can find answers to my questions. But I also knew that the knowledge that I need can not lie on the surface. Because they belong to the category of the true wisdom, which is always kept secret and was available only to a few people who are able to understand and accept. And I realized two important moments for myself:


- I must look for this knowledge 

- But for them I would have to pay - to give all that is near and dear in return for the right to know, to see, to be aware.

The third important point, I had to open a little later - it was a response to the tantalizing question: where to find this knowledge ? I was given to understand that I need to seek knowledge in the ancient monasteries and churches - need to look for people who own them and can pass their wisdom. And I started looking... I started to look for these monasteries and monks owning knowledge. Became active traveller and explore these monasteries and temples. As a result, I became aware of the following important point: I have to study the characteristics of all the world's religions in order to understand the language of the monks in these monasteries. And to understand not only from the perspective of linguistics, and , above all, to understand the language of symbols and images embedded in each of the religions.

In any religion is hidden a grain of truth, true knowledge. And, nevertheless, any of these religions can become a serious obstacle for a person in his development, made ??him an ardent fanatic limited with rigid framework of religion solely in terms of blind faith. But as a result, for most people, religion prevents their spiritual development. But it also can really open the way to true knowledge, thereby opening the way to self-improvement. But to see this knowledge and a possible way for them can not everyone who took a particular religion. For the reason that this goes way through huge layers of various kinds of garbage in the form of superficial dogmas speculation and fraud that result from the so-called human factor - the use of religion by different people, in different historical times and with different, often highly personal goal. But my personal interest in religions based on the search and development of this path to true knowledge and knowledge itself.


In order to meet with anything, find anything, you should look for it. And I'm looking, I am constantly moving towards new discoveries on the way to knowledge: Vatican , Jordan , Germany , Italy , China ( Shaolin ) , Vietnam, Thailand , Easter Island , the Bermuda Triangle, Nepal, Tibet , the Himalayas , the island of the Gods , United States of America ... And what I found - priceless. I invite your attention, my friends, a series of articles devoted to this long and difficult path to knowledge, and found structured grains belong now to my students.



Magician Ingvar (Bombushkar I.S.)

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