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About the authors

" Publishing House by Bombushkar " is the only Ukrainian official publishing house devoted exclusively to literature of magic profile. We do not print compilations and various pseudo - esoteric waste of paper - we only publish exclusive content and collaborate with the best masters. But also for new authors who have a desire to share their practical knowledge, our doors are always open.

We work with such top of world occultism as B.M. Monosov – the founder and director of the School of Magic " Atlantis ". Also with Pavel Gross - a person of Afro-Caribbean traditions of Voodoo in the CIS , and many others.

The fruits of our joint collaboration with them are priceless works such as "Voodoo Magic " ( P. Gross) and " Master of Magic " ( Monosov B.M. ) .

Also we closely work with many magicians, such as: the head of Odessa Rune Order " Southern Star " Nadejda Bezpalova ( "Alice "); Founder and teacher of vizardiks Anatoly Estrin ( " Path to Nibiru "); worldwide hypnotist , who had studied in his time with Kashpirovsky by the legendary Smertin - Luris magician ( "The Magic of Hypnosis "); known popularizer of Wicca in Ukraine - Laverne ( "The Magic of the seasons ," " Love magic ", " Spell of the Horned God ")as well as many other professionals.

The success of our publishing house is largely due to the simplicity and openness in relations with our authors: the rights and obligations of each part are always clearly regulated by copyright agreement by established sample.

Book printing is carried out by the publishing house, and the fee is paid to the author immediately after the signing of the contract.

So if you own a material, and you'd like to publish it , feel free to contact our publishing house , and we will help to transform your dream into reality!