Обучение магии и колдовству Перейти на сайт Дар Силы Magician Ingwar


My mission

The mission and the meaning of Ingvar’s life

What is the meaning of my life?

Mission, purpose and meaning of my life is the physical and spiritual healing of the World in general and Ukraine in particular. Implementation of this global, universal problem of global scale, I see in the creation of the Temple of the New Faith - Magician’s Religion ™.

Magician’s Religion – is a religion of awakening, which is based on a single global synthesis of spiritual ideals that were received by Ingvar as a painful revelations in places of Power and when visiting  many religious shrines and temples around the world.

This religion is designed to cultivate the new people, people of the sixth race, forming a new type of humanity.

"Conscious Man" must become the core and heart of this religion.

System of Religion and Reason ™ changes a person from the inside due to its connection to the subtlest divine vibrations of  Understanding and Awareness. As a result, due to the formation of new qualities in yourself, a person is able to see the consequences of  his actions in time, which gives him the opportunity to become a full and conscious creator of his own life.

The foundation and the basis of this new religion is an Ancient Esoteric Teaching (AET) or knowledge about yourself. AET - is the supreme wisdom of the great dedicated people, common to all religions and peoples. The aim of this new syncretic religion is the increase in the density of human consciousness and the level (depth) of all awareness of what came across the modern man and may face him in the future. Awareness – is a seed of life, and the only effective tool that can enhance the spirituality of humanity, but the problem is that this tool is very difficult for most people to learn to use, and some are not capable at all.

MINDFULNESS ALWAYS GOES AFTER UNDERSTANDING. In the Magician’s religion, between the concepts of spirituality and consciousness we can confidently put an equal sign, that is, these concepts are identical and interdependent.

Magician’s Religion ™ unites and reconciles the two eternal and warring opposites: religion and science.

Magician’s Religion ™ - is the temple of the new faith, and this temple any conscious person must build himself, by his own efforts.

Magician’s Religion ™  not only shows but also proves that each separate person is the temple of the living God.

Magician’s Religion ™ - is over religious (secular) religion, which should produce (crystallize) in people the Idea of the Single Planetary, Planetary Consciousness of the One ...

One of the central concepts of the Religion of Reason and System™ is a specific and science-based definition of the word "magic".

Magic - this is the highest level of skill to self-consciously manage the events of your own life™.

Magic in the understanding of Ingvar - is the ETERNAL and UNCREATED Light of Divine Knowledge, opening to all those who are willing and ready to go for his Enlightenment, Self-improvement and Deification.