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About the magazine



Esoteric magazine "Messenger of Magic and Witchcraft " is a unique project with no analogues. On the pages of this edition the best practicing magicians of CIS reveal the secrets of their philosophy and discover their magical secrets of success. Our magazine is for those people who are seriously interested in questions of practical magic.

In this magical magazine you will find:

  1. New materials of magical rituals, secrets of healers and sorcerers.
  2. unique ancient knowledge on magic and sorcery.
  3. exclusive interviews with well-known and respected magicians from different countries.
  4. Information about the best magic books.
  5. News from the world of magicians.



In different editions of our magazine you can find: Black Magic, White Magic, Love magic, voodoo, Tarot, Runes and Runic magic, Old Slavic rites and rituals, and do not forget about such topics as necromancy, palmistry, Astrology and Numerology. Of course there are also information about spirit and essence, Demonology, Exorcism and many other interesting magic information!

 License number 14784 - 37551R issued by the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine to Bombushkar I.S. 17.12.2008