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Magician Ingwar

A magician Ingwar (Bombushkar Igor Stephanovich) does active work in the direction of promulgation and socialization of esoteric knowledge not only Ukrain, but all the world. His books have gained the recognition among those who search the sources of sorcery wisdom.

Ingwar was the first who openly told about “highest magic” in Ukraine. He was first who wrote the basis of this ancient science in 18 fundamental works and about 1000 articles on practical magic. Ingwar claims: knowledge has to be open and acceptable for those who need it. On the 1st of December in 2005 he created the Official School of Magic – Academy of Universal Magic, Healing and Sorcery (AUMCIK). This educational center gave a lot of high-qualified masters, who help people not only in Ukraine. Today Academy develops and opens its doors to everyone who deserves Real Knowledge.

Knowledge should be open and acceptable for everyone who needs. This task is successfully involved in life.

1st  step. The creation of single official esoteric magazine “Messenger of Magic and Sorcery”. It is a huge source of spiritual and occult illumination for serious practicians. Every edition shows the success of this project. The given information is deep and unique.

2nd  step. The birth of “Publishing House by Bombushkar”. It truly became famous as the most brave and objective esoteric project not only in Ukraine. It contains more than 40 printed books. As an example I want to mention the creation of “Lucifer’s Tarot”, which is both magical instrument and sorcery artifact. Not less exclusive is a book “Magic of Hypnosis” by Luris.

3rd   step. Ball by Luris. On the 25th of April in 2009 there was held a magical Ball in the Black Castle. Its goal was the presentation of his book “Magic of Hypnosis”. It was the first magical Ball in last 100 years in Ukraine (1916). The organizators were “Key Institution” by Ingwar and Luris.

4th  step. Organization of first round tables of magicians in Ukraine (Kiev, Bortnichi, Black Castle). 22nd of June 2011 – First Round Table. 3d of September 2011 – Second Round Table. And the First International Conference of magicians on the 25th of December in 2011. The main goal of such actions is the aspiration to combine forces and doings for achieving understanding between magicians.

5th  step. The creation of International Social Organization, Center of psychological help “Rising Sun”. It was founded on the 22nd of June in 2011 during the First Round Table. The goal of this center is to help people.

As a department of “Rising Sun” was also created Ukrainian Association of Magicians (UAM). Its main task is popularization and development of magic as a system of world-seeing. Also creation of interrelations between magicians.

6th step. The holding of the All-Ukrainian Charity Help to people with HIV on a state level. For that Ingwar gets official gratitude from Ministry of Culture of Ukraine.

The activity never stops.

“The tempo of my life can “burn” a man. But I am not afraid. I chose such life, such tempo because I want to burn for people.”

To burn for people is the life principle of this person. And as a result there is a huge number of knowledge and practical experience – Ingwar’s Teaching.

“My Teaching is my experience and knowledge. The source of it was once opened for me by Force… And I claim that those knowledge and experience have basis and help me to Live myself and to help others to do that” – says Ingvar. The synthesis of it is universal unique system – The Religion of Mind and System (religion of magicians). It helps everyone to go the way of self-knowledge step by step. One part of this religion contains personal Ingvar’s experience (more than 20 years). The other side was achieved in long and deep meditations in different Places of Force on our planet.

The formation of Ingwar’s personality had a long and hard way. From poor rural boy to medical scientist and one of the world occult leaders now. This way contained a lot of pain and humiliation. But it is a good demonstration of endless man’s possibilities, who knows his goals and has a strong will.

All his life is an example that everyone has his chance for success and prosperity without any external obstacles. And the first step there is to learn your possibilities and watch objectively through real life.

The idea to help people has its roots in early childhood while watching death and deceases around. But medical education was almost unreal to gain without money. So he began to learn phytoteraphy deeply from 6th form. Now Ingwar has 20 years of practice with the help of more than 180 herbs. As a result he created the unique series of herbal teas “Dar Sily” (“The Gift of Power”)

Today Ingwar is a professional magician who openly helps people from 2004. He successfully coincide the experience of surgeon and psychiatrist with occult knowledge. His competence in official medicine is claimed in more than 200 printed scientific works by Bombushkar Igor Stephanovich. Among them there are 20 authorized certificates on inventions and 18 educational films.

In spite of all that Ingvar is modest, open and acceptable person. He always helps people with pleasure. He was a participant of such popular TV programs as “Has no explanation, but fact”, “Parallel World” and others. He is the author of plenty of publications in periodical printings in Ukraine in questions of theoretical and practical magic.

Ingvar regularly holds seminars for all willing in Ukraine, Russia, Germany, Hungary and Italy. He has a unique methodology to give acceptable information for all people, doesn’t matter their age or amount. The topics of this seminars are: strengthening and recovery of organism, harmonization of personal relationships, magic in business, sources of magical defense and attack, common questions of theoretical and practical magic, clairvoyance and so on.